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At the Audi-Endowed Chair of Supply Net Order Management a highly motivated team is working with experiences from different disciplines. In an open environment they develop innovative solutions for modern companies.

Head of Institute

Team_Boris_Otto_70Head of Chair

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Boris Otto

Phone: (+49)231/755-5959


Team_Mario_Hermann_70Senior engineer 

Mario Hermann, M.Sc.

Phone: (+49)231/755-7514




Ulrike Guba

Phone: (+49)231/755-7513



Scientific Assistant


Frederik Möller, M.Sc.

Phone: (+49)231/755-8313




Graduate School of Logistics

Team_Isabel_Buecker_70Isabel Bücker, M.Sc.

Phone: (+49)231/9743-557



Team_Johannes_Zrenner_70Johannes Zrenner, M.Sc.

Phone: (+49)231/9743-657




Student and Research Asisstants

Team_Max_Bannefeld_70Max Bannefeld






Team_Henrik_Bauhaus_70Henrik Bauhaus






Team_Irina_Davydova_70Irina Davydova






Team_Constanze_Niess_70Constanze Niess






Team_Sebastian_Scobel_70Sebastian Scobel






Team_Maleen_Stachon_70Maleen Stachon